5N2 Group

Linda established her lash business in 2005 in Sydney Australia.

Back in 90s, She was well known in South Korea as a lash and nail artist. She used to work with many celebrities

and peoples in high society. So, she was leading trend in nails and eyelash extension too.

After she immigrated to Australia, she had setup her business in Sydney and she introduced her eyelash extension skill to

the public for the first time in Australia. Then the event gripped the people’s full attention.

2018, now it has been passed 13 years and we don’t need to explain what the eyelash extension is.

There’s no doubt to say how much the Eyelash extension and Microblading is popular in these days.

Also, during the past years, Linda thought that more specialised Eyelash Education was necessary, and as she is a lash master,

she felt she needed to develop and innovate more eyelash extension products to professionalise.

And she had launching her own 5N2 Lash Products. Such as lash glues, Mink lashes, Lash primmer, Lash glue remover and etc.

She is always sourcing new and thoughtful products. Widely test everything before it onto our 5N2 Lash online store.

At the 5N2 Training Centre, our training team has full of practical lash experience and we are certified trainers.

We teaches practical skills to our students to make sure them, smoothly getting into the lash field with hand on

skills and knowledge.

In 2018, now she is successfully archived her goal for Lash Training and Lash Products based

on her 21 years of practical lash experience.