Lash Extensions Sydney

So much expression and communication comes from our eyes. And so much of the attraction we feel towards others comes from their eyes and hair. This is why so many cosmetic procedures concentrate on these areas.

Eyelash extensions were developed reasonably recently, but they come after many generations of women wanting fuller longer lashes. Various means were used to achieve longer and thicker lashes in the past, all of which had to be applied and removed at the end of the day; many of which, such as mascara, relied on makeup tricks. But now extensions can be fitted to the natural lashes, allowing lashes to look full, long and completely natural for several weeks, all with minimal maintenance.

Sydney Lash Studio

Applying eyelash extensions is an advanced skill, one that has not extended to all practicing beauticians. The proper technique and training, to say nothing of the materials required, are more extensive than most cosmetic treatments. It is for this reason that we offer both our own eyelash extension service and training for others to undertake eyelash extensions.

Our eyelash application technicians all have 10 years or more experience, and have spent several years teaching. Using only the highest quality mink lashes, finest professional equipment and advanced skills that have delivered the best possible results, and trained others to do likewise.

What we teach at Lash Extensions Sydney:

  • Hygiene and safety
  • Professional client care
  • Correct application technique as appropriate for professionals.
  • Altering technique to suit the individual eye shape.
  • Eyelash design
  • afe removal of lashes

Considering the Sydney Lash Studio?

Our classes are designed for individuals who have some substantial background in cosmetic procedures, preferably nail and eyelash work. Training sessions take 2 to 3 hours. Students are asked to provide their own client.