Training - Advanced Course


3 Day training class

The Advanced course is designed to accommodate students considering specialising in Eyelash Extensions as a full-time career. Intensive theory and practical application skills are taught through demonstration techniques, which include visual images. 5n2 is able to provide model to practice, or students may arrange their own. The courses are run by certified trainers.

Class Modules


Eye Infections, Allergies, Contraindications, Client consultation and Professional image

Eyelash Design

  • Basic product knowledge
  • Eyelash selection (various curls, thickness and lengths)
  • Single lash application
  • Full set lash application
  • 3D lash application
  • Eyelash styling
  • Proper lash pick up
  • Correct use of glue without mistake
  • Appling longer lasting lashes with our special technique

Practical Component

  • Classic Lash Full set applications,Volume Lash set application
  • Safe removal

Salon Management

  • Booking appointments
  • Client consultation

Lash Kit

We provide a 'Lash Kit' to all the Advanced Class student at the 1st day of class.


Your trainer is available to assist you with any query or required help via direct mobile telephone. 5n2 Lash is available for technical support via email and telephone.

All students from 5N2 will receive life time gueranteed 10% discount from 5N2 Online Shopping mall.