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"HIT" Setting speed (3-4 sec) Thick and jelly-like viscosity Fitted to applicators with slow hands Outstanding maintenance Suitable for one-by-one eyelash application Raw materials from US, Certified Glue

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"HIT" Gel type remover for eyelash extension removal Melts the lash glue with minimised irritation Much safer to apply than liquid type remover

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Suitable to be used as glue holder during eyelash extension application as temperature of the object itself is low; glue dries slower on the surface Easier to remove glue on the surface, without remaining any marks or colouration

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     "HIT" Round shaped lash holder Helps faster and effortless application as it is: Suitable for placing individual eyelashes during the lash extensions application Made from silicone and allows picking lashes easily

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Produced to be used especially on eyes with eyelash extension Made with fabric, dusts does not stick or remain on the lashes

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