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Our 5N2 MEGA BONDING ADHESIVE sets instantly with long lasting bond Setting speed (1-2 sec) Watery, thin type black glue Safe, long lasting and strongest bond lasts over 5 week, even during summer or winter Speedy glue fitted to applicators with quick hands Suitable for Volume lashes or Classic lashes

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    "HIT" 5n2 Rose Lash Primer ensures stronger adhesion of glue and longer maintenance of lash extension Cleans and removes protein from lashes Subtle scent and does not irritate eyes

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No irritation to under eye Supplies collagen to the skin during the application of eyelash extension; supplies hydration, moisture, brightness and  smoothness

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"HIT" Static electricity does not occur Defined tip shape helps convenient lash application Straight lined tweezers:general application of lashes

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Differentiates from ordinary acrylic palettes as: It is easier to remove glue from the surface Similar to Jade stones, temperature of the object itself is low; glue dries slower on the surface

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