5N2 Lash supplier

5N2 Lash is a one-stop online shop that offers all the products that is needed for eyelash extension application, in the best quality that you could ask for as a wholesale price.

5N2 products have been developed through 5N2 staffs’ experience of running a business in the eyelash extension and nails industry for about 20 years. After repetitive trial and errors, 5N2 sells selected products that are suited to Australia’s climate, and each and one of customers’ lash types.

Our products are designed to be used by wide range of eyelash stylists. According to the stylists’ eyelash extension skills; basic, intermediate or advanced, select products that you would prefer from various types of glue, eyelashes and other utensils. This leads to provision of maximum quality lashes to your customers, further effectively encouraging them to revisit your business.

Moreover, 5N2 products are created with the best quality certified materials, it is safe to use and expect long lasting effects.

5n2 Glue is made with raw materials from South Korea, Japan and the US. Therefore, 5N2 proudly say that they are the best quality glue that you can clearly differentiate from low-priced products in the current market.

5N2 Lashes only produces mink lashes. Mink lashes differ from silk lashes as manufacturing period takes about 2 times longer. Therefore, maintenance of curls, softness and adhesion is outstanding.

All of our products are imported from South Korea, and are certified by passing through the exams of strict S. Korean governments.