Training - Volume Lash Course


2days training class 

5n2 has proudly specialised the 3D designed lashes to be able to obtain lighter, extra volume and realistic full set of 3D eyelash extension. 3D eyelash extension sets in other shops damage the natural lashes if applied continuously in long term. However, 5n2 has minimised damage to the natural lashes while keeping the best outcome.

The 3D Lash Course is not suitable for beginners, recommended for eyelash stylists who have skills in eyelash already.


$700 deposit prior to the course.
(may pay the rest after the completion of course, or pay altogether at once)

Class time

3 hours in one day


Student is asked to arrange their own models to practice eyelash on. Otherwise, please give us an early notice to us therefore 5n2 can prepare a model.

Materials to bring

Students are welcome to bring their own eyelash kits, or purchase one at the shop.